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30 Helena Bonham Carter icons

Helena Bonham Carter should be queen of the universe....enough said.

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I was looking through this 'worst movie hair' list on Comcast.net, and was completely shocked to see this-

"Helena Bonham Carter - 'Sweeney Todd'
Perhaps she should have asked the Demon Barber to take just a little off the top?"

I could NOT disagree more! Besides the fact that I adore her hair in this movie, they have her among a list of truly terrible looking hair- bad 80s movie hair, fraggle-straggle-bad-looking hair, poufs, etc. Fail.

A Room with a view icons

[36] Cracks (2009)
[16] Imogen Poots
[08] A Room With a View (1985)
[12] Dianna Agron


here at satinpetticoat

Helena Bonham Carter will star in a BBC adaptation of Toast, the autobiography of food writer Nigel Slater.


By Anita Singh, Showbusiness Editor in Cannes
Published: 5:37PM BST 20 May 2010

Helena Bonham Carter played Enid Blyton in the recent BBC-commissioned drama Enid
Helena Bonham Carter played Enid Blyton in the recent BBC-commissioned drama Enid Photo: BBC

She will play Slater's stepmother in the 1960s-set drama based on the best-selling book. The teenage Slater will be played by Freddie Highmore, the child actor familiar from Love, Actually and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Lee Hall, the writer of Billy Elliot, has penned the script.

Toast is a bittersweet memoir told through food, with Slater reminiscing about the tastes and smells of his childhood, from Heinz sponge puddings to instant mash and Walnut Whips.

Slater's mother died when he was nine and his father remarried Joan Potter, formerly the family cleaner. Life growing up in Wolverhampton thereafter was far from happy, and he found salvation in food. "There was nothing in my life, and cooking just completely filled the gap," he said.

The film will be broadcast on BBC One at the end of this year. Filming begins in June in the West Midlands.

Jay Hunt, channel controller, said: “Toast is a wonderfully nostalgic drama that will be a real treat for BBC One viewers. This remarkable cast is sure to really bring Nigel Slater's story alive.”

Toast has sold 250,000 copies and won a clutch of literary awards, including British biography of the year at the National Book Awards.

Bonham Carter recently starred in another BBC drama, playing Enid Blyton, in a performance which has earned her a Bafta nomination." -- SOURCE



I was at my Grammy's house today and saw an ad for this and got all excited! It's on WGBH (channel 2, for me; I think it might be the same all across America but IDK) tonight at 9.

"A spicy Indian feast of sitcom, chat show, and improv, served fresh from the suburbs of London, England.

Sanjeev Kumar (played by Sanjeev Bhaskar) decides to go one better than the neighbors and turn his living room into a giant TV studio. Here, he plans to interview celebrities from all over the world on his new chat show. His list of stars includes Helena Bonham-Carter, Stephen Fry, Minnie Driver, and Donny Osmond who, more often than not, are paid for their services with his father’s homemade chutney.

But what Sanjeev doesn’t count on is the continual and hilarious interference from his live-in family. Joining Sanjeev in front of the studio audience are his parents, Madhuri and Ashwin (Indira Joshi and Vincent Ebrahim), and his mischievous grandmother, Ummi (Meera Syal). From here, everything rapidly descends into fun-filled chaos.

The Kumars at No. 42 airs on WGBH 2, Saturday nights at 9:30pm starting April 3."